iPhone’s latest OS 3.0 promises to be bigger and better

Its been close to 9 months since iPhone 2.0 release.On March 17 2009, Apple gave a group of journalists, analysts, and developers a preview of  iPhone OS 3.0 Software and if Apple is to be believed the new OS will have more than 100 new features including copy and paste, peer-to-peer networking, push notification, and a whole lot more.(that’s quite an upgrade from 2.0)

Sony VAIO pocketbooks..Worth the price ??

Sony vaio pocket notebooks

It’s been quite sometime since Sony has been advertising their pocket Notebooks on air. Sony is always on the forefront of innovation. With the release of Sony VAIO pocketbook, called Sony VAIO P, it is clear that Sony want to stay ahead in the war of mobility-based netbooks.

Sony has released two variants, VGN-P15, costing Rs 64,990 and VGN-P13, costing Rs 49,990 (inclusive of all taxes), the models can easily fit into your pockets, if you believe the TV commercial it has launched to showcase the device’s easy mobility.

Find the one whom you admire !!!

Face Recognition

Just 2 weeks back me and my friend were discussing about the popularity of the applications that were on Facebook and then came an idea of why not create an application which actually finds a lookalike of your face among other facebook users but we don’t have the expertise and the required guidance to actually transform that idea into a reality. But today i was going through the newspaper and one article caught my attention.It was about facial search which was being used in the marraige portal Bharat Matrimony.I bet every one of us have had a crush on someone and some have been lucky enough to actually transform that crush into a long standing relationship but for those who were not able to do so don’t worry facial search can be of some help.

Aamir Khan on CNN..Dont Miss

Talk Asia

If you are a big Aamir khan fan or even if you aren’t dont forget to tune into CNN on march 25th 6PM(IST) and in case you miss out on that there will be a repeat telecast of it on March 28th at 10 AM and 8 PM.

Alert for all Adsense users

Attention!!!all Adsense users Google has updated its program policies .You might be wondering that Google does it regularly so what’s new with this one. This is something related to Internet based advertising..

This is the copy of the mail that Google sent out to all its Adsense users. So have a close look at it and don’t ignore it as you usually do and please update your privacy policy and if you don’t have one then this might be the right to get one otherwise I am afraid that your account might be disabled


South Africa to Host IPL season 2

A few days back Lalit Modi shocked the nation when he announced that IPL will be hosted outside India. England and South Africa were being looked into as possible venues and news just in is that South Africa will be hosting the IPL which i guess will be the biggest sporting tournament there after the last years T20 world cup..

Pink Panther 2..Worth a watch

I stopped watching English movies in theatres after i got my net connection 4 years ago. I have been downloading them and watching it at home itself…But I do go for the movies which are screened on the big screen (IMAX)…The last one that I went to was MADAGASCAR 2.Found it really amazing. Today my friend suggested that we go to pink panther 2…Initially I was not sure if I wanted to because I had heard that the movie was not great. But finally decided to go for the 12:45 show and we reached 5 min late as usual 🙂 ..We got the top most corner seats. I had not watched first movie pink panther but then realized this was not a sequel to it…

Ratan Tata keeps his promise..Better late than never :)

VIDEO Ultra cheap Tata NANO Launch in Mumbai

Recession is here to stay but Ratan Tata kept his promise when he formally launched the Nano in Mumbai. It’s indeed a great moment for Tata’s and India as a nation. It’s just not a launch of a car but is a launch of a million possibilities, Indian engineering, Indian ingenuity and finally, a vehicle for Indian aspirations.

Indian Premiere league stumped by Indian Political League..Goes International

After nearly a month long speculation about IPL as to whether it would be held in India or outside India and if in India then are all the states going to cooperate. Finally the speculations were put to rest on Sunday the 22nd of March just 20 days before the tournament gets underway.

It was ‘painful’ to shift the IPL from India but with their ‘hands tied’ they had no option except for relocating the tournament, said Lalit Modi, commissioner and chairman of the tournament. I don’t know if he really feels that way but that is what he told the press. As the news of IPL going abroad spread there was lot of angry reactions from length and breadth of the country and also from the Indian players having a well deserved rest in NZ after their victory.

Oye lucky lucky Oye..Second time lucky :)

Think of Tata Crucible and the phrase that comes to your mind is Quizzing at its best.. I can say that because I attended this year’s edition of quiz held in hyderabad at RNR Auditorium Opp. Lotus Pond Road, No. 12, MLA Colony, Banjara Hills. To participate in the quiz we had to have a team of two so I paired up with my friend Vaibhav.By the way my name is Adithya 🙂. Two of my other friends (Santosh,Abhiram) formed one more.We are doing our engineering in MJ(muffakham Jah, affiliated to OU). We had actually taken part in the last edition of the quiz too but couldn’t clear the first round but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We actually don’t believe in going through all those quiz books and business magazines before attending any quiz. We keep ourselves updated with the happenings in the world and that’s it.