Aal Izz Well with 3 IDIOTS !!!!

[xDR] 3 Idiots - 00 - Inlay 04The most awaited film of the year ‘3 IDIOTS’ is out and as they say “Sabar ka phal mitha hota hain” it has been worth the wait :). Although 3 idiots is 2 hours 50 min long, I can promise you that you won’t come out of the theater disappointed as the movie has many memorable moments which will stay with u for sometime if not forever. This is the sort of movie you’ll take home with a smile and a song on your lips, unless the hype has entirely messed up with your expectations.

Khans share the same platform for ‘Fair rights for Friday nights’

It was only on 25th of March that Aamir khan’s interview was aired on CNN where he again took on SRK. This has been going on for some time and its now getting too childish. Just when I and many of you thought that this would continue in the near future we have been proved wrong. Today SRK and Aamir khan came together on the same platform to address the tiff between the Film producers and the Multiplex owners.

Vote for integrity, Vote for good people

The world’s most populous democracy in the world i.e. INDIA will be going to polls starting 16th April and going on till 13th May. A large percentage of voters are not even aware of the candidates in their constituency and vote blindly for somebody and mostly those candidates turn out to be ones against whom criminal charges have been framed. This ignorance is the reason for all our woes. Whatever we are facing now is because of us. Why blame the politicians for it.

Aamir Khan on CNN..Dont Miss

Talk Asia

If you are a big Aamir khan fan or even if you aren’t dont forget to tune into CNN on march 25th 6PM(IST) and in case you miss out on that there will be a repeat telecast of it on March 28th at 10 AM and 8 PM.