Katrina Kaif is the Indian Barbie !!!


Recently Barbie turned 50 and the dolls popularity has not faded one bit. The following fact just goes to show that no other doll has outshone Barbie’s celebrity.

  • Every second at least three of these dolls are sold, bringing in $3.6 billion annually in retail sales.

  • If all the Barbie’s and her family members—Skipper, Francie and the rest—sold since 1959 were placed head to toe, they would circle the Earth more than seven times.

Pink Panther 2..Worth a watch

I stopped watching English movies in theatres after i got my net connection 4 years ago. I have been downloading them and watching it at home itself…But I do go for the movies which are screened on the big screen (IMAX)…The last one that I went to was MADAGASCAR 2.Found it really amazing. Today my friend suggested that we go to pink panther 2…Initially I was not sure if I wanted to because I had heard that the movie was not great. But finally decided to go for the 12:45 show and we reached 5 min late as usual 🙂 ..We got the top most corner seats. I had not watched first movie pink panther but then realized this was not a sequel to it…