Zombie Movie for $70 !!!!!!!!!!!

colinzombieI got my degree 15 days back but like many Engineers out there i am still jobless..For the past 2 months i have been hoping to get the joining date but that seems to be distant reality now.. My favourite past time is to be online 24/7 and catch up with the latest news be it political or technology or entertainment. As part of my daily routine I was flipping through the news channels and I happened to see something which caught my attention which I would like to share with you guys. The news was about a film which was reportedly made for a mere $70 .Can you believe that? I Couldn’t when I saw it first but I searched online and found it was indeed TRUE !!!!!!! The movie is named COLIN and is a classic horror zombie.Close to 5000 Zombie movies have been made but never before has a film been made at such a low budget