SuperKings too good for Chargers

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They say catches win matches but what I witnessed today was something that contradicted that notion. Super Kings dropped 4 and still won the game. It was super kings day. Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat. They got off to a good start with Hayden and vijay stroking the ball well and they reached 50 in 5 overs. Finally Chargers had something to cheer when they got Hayden. Dhoni promoted himself and he didn’t look the struggling Dhoni we have been seeing until now. He began stroking the ball well especially at the end of the innings. It was a captains  innings which helped the team to get to a formidable 178 in 20 overs.

CHARGERS off to a Winning start in IPL season 2

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The day 2 of IPL turned out to be an exciting one for me as Deccan chargers stunned everyone with their performance, not me though as i always had faith in them..It was just that they didn’t gell well last year and were not sure of themselves but it looks like they have come out strong from last year when they finished last in the standings. If it was Bangalore royal challengers last night it was Deccan Chargers tonight. They looked liked a completely different outfit when they came out to field against Kolkata knight riders. A New Jersey, coach and support staff and the attitude of the players, the most important thing has worked wonders for the team. By the way the new outfit was matching the dark blue clouds. I love the outfit :)It was as if the Rain Gods too were happy not to interrupt the proceedings by not having more showers like what happened earlier in the day.