It’s that time of the year again when we Indians turn up in large numbers to elect the representatives to run our state and country. This year 43 million new voters will be casting their vote and exercising the right to VOTE for the first time. Its high time that the youth of the country vote and show the greedy corrupt politicians that we are no longer going to be fooled by them and not let INDIA be ruined by them.43 million accounts for 6 % of the total voter count which is 700 million. This is quite a big number and we need to use this vote if we wish to see a better progressive INDIA in the future.

16 Mbps Connection from Airtel !!!!!!

It is election time and all the political parties have started online campaigning by launching their sites to reach out to tech savvy voters. I don’t see the point. Over 50 % of the population lives in villages where the net connectivity is not good and even if there is online connectivity the speed is not good enough. Even in cities right now the broadband connections being offered are 2Mbps.

Celebrities a big FLOP in Politics

Elections are here and all the parties are busy finalizing their candidates who will be fighting it out to get their hands on a lok sabha seat or an assembly seat which will secure their life for 5 years  and give them the ample opportunity to practice corruption and get a degree in it 😀 This is one exam that I can assure you that the politicians will never fail in. They always live up to the expectations and many a time shock us with their loot 🙁

Vote for integrity, Vote for good people

The world’s most populous democracy in the world i.e. INDIA will be going to polls starting 16th April and going on till 13th May. A large percentage of voters are not even aware of the candidates in their constituency and vote blindly for somebody and mostly those candidates turn out to be ones against whom criminal charges have been framed. This ignorance is the reason for all our woes. Whatever we are facing now is because of us. Why blame the politicians for it.

BJP’s reply to Congress Jai Ho Campaign

When the Congress got the rights of Jai ho there was criticism from many parties that they were exploiting the movie. After all that here comes BJP’s jingle in response to congress Jai Ho. It is called Bhay Ho. The ‘Bhay Ho Bhay Ho’ jingle, is sung by some street singers of Hyderabad on the second class passenger bogey and it too like Jai Ho has the same tune but with different lyrics 😀

Indian Premiere league stumped by Indian Political League..Goes International

After nearly a month long speculation about IPL as to whether it would be held in India or outside India and if in India then are all the states going to cooperate. Finally the speculations were put to rest on Sunday the 22nd of March just 20 days before the tournament gets underway.

It was ‘painful’ to shift the IPL from India but with their ‘hands tied’ they had no option except for relocating the tournament, said Lalit Modi, commissioner and chairman of the tournament. I don’t know if he really feels that way but that is what he told the press. As the news of IPL going abroad spread there was lot of angry reactions from length and breadth of the country and also from the Indian players having a well deserved rest in NZ after their victory.

Negative Voting : Are you + about it???

With General Elections around the corner,all the major parties have launched their campaigns in cyberspace by having their sites.Even CPI(M) which is against American policies has got a site of its own on internet(an invention by an American). It is not just politicians but Netizens, too, who are busy launching campaigns in cyberspace.Among all those campaigns the one that caught my attention was Negative voting.This is the latest buzzword on social networking sites and blogs. So what does it exactly mean.It is an option for voters to reject all candidates in a particular constituency.