Gmail gets a makeover !!!!!

It was way back in July 2010 that Google gave users of its email service a preview of the interface which was to come in the near future but nobody knew it would take 15 months for the Search Giant to unveil the new aesthetic design. Having said that it is good that they took such a long time rather than go the facebook way who are so inclined to constantly change their interface which obviously has not gone down so well with users(They come back to the site anyways :D)

Smarter Navigation

Social Media Revolution !!!

Everyone is aware of the term Economics but how many of you have come across Socialnomics ??..Not many but i can assure you that most of you are using it without actually knowing what it actually is. Is all the hype surrounding social media justified or is it just a fad.Is it the next revolution? The video shows it’s not a fad and here are some hardcore statistics that show that it’s actually the biggest thing since the industrial revolution.

So what’s your opinion?? Is Social Media the next Industrial revolution??

Facebook gets yet another Facelift

Facebook faceliftHarold Wilson once said “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery”. But all change is not growth, as all movement is not forward. The same applies to the no 1 social networking site Facebook which rolled out a revamped home page on Friday and has met with generally positive reactions from its millions of users.

Internet at 40 !!!!!!

Internet_WorldWideWebDid you know that Internet has completed 40 years in existence?? I would be surprised if you knew that. We may be hooked to social networking sites or used to seeing goofy videos these days but that was not on the minds of Len Kleinrock and his team at UCLA when they began experiments, laying the foundation of what later would become Internet.The researchers just wanted to create an open network to share information  and this very openness went onto spur innovation that would later spur the likes of Youtube, Facebook & WWW.

Key milestones in the life on Internet

Facebook adds some Flare : Implement Konami Code in your site

The first thing that I do when I come online is to check my mails and then login to facebook and other Social Networking sites. Today was no different. As usual there were many updates and I was scrolling the page seeing the updates one by one. I came across one update which caught my attention. It was something about LensFlare in Facebook. I tried it out and found the result pretty cool. If you have an account in Facebook then you must definitely give it a try.

Steps to view Lens flare on Facebook

ZooZoo the new brand ambassador of Vodafone

In one of my earlier posts i had written about Airtel ads and how creative they are when they come up with their commercial ads. But as a Vodafone customer I think Vodafone is the best when it comes to advertising. Airtel has relied on star power always but Vodafone has always used the dog, much cheaper option and much more appealing too compared to the starry ads.

Find the one whom you admire !!!

Face Recognition

Just 2 weeks back me and my friend were discussing about the popularity of the applications that were on Facebook and then came an idea of why not create an application which actually finds a lookalike of your face among other facebook users but we don’t have the expertise and the required guidance to actually transform that idea into a reality. But today i was going through the newspaper and one article caught my attention.It was about facial search which was being used in the marraige portal Bharat Matrimony.I bet every one of us have had a crush on someone and some have been lucky enough to actually transform that crush into a long standing relationship but for those who were not able to do so don’t worry facial search can be of some help.