Solid Gambhir guides Delhi to a tense win

GambhirIt was not the usual T20 match that you would expect but nevertheless it turned out to be a nerve wracking game. Gambhir playing his first match as an IPL captain was cool as a cucumber as he guided his team to a straightforward chase with an old-fashioned innings full of sensible strokeplay. Delhi were the firm favourites but T20 is so unpredictable that you just can’t take things granted in this format. Had Pathan taken the catch of Manhas at a crucial moment in the match the result might have well been in favour of Preity Zinta who wore a traditional Punjabi dress.

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I had a wonderful time watching all the IPL matches this season and then reporting on every match. Hope you too have enjoyed the IPL and my coverage :). Now that IPL season has come to end, I was thinking of how to spend my time. I got reminded of the many movies that I had dumped into my hard disk. I guess it will take me around 20 days to complete all of them. I am planning to take requests from you people. Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood , TV shows , Music Videos , Software’s, e-books anything that comes to your mind you can put in your request as a comment and I will get back to all the people as soon as possible ( Please provide your email id in the comment )

T20 Match of a Different Kind

I surprised myself when I got up at 6 AM (IST) on 16th Sep . It was just the day before that I had finished my exams, the last of my Engineering life and I would have definitely loved to get a good night sleep but that didn’t materialize as i was awake till almost 3 in the morning doing what i like best, browsing 🙂 before I decided to have some sleep so that I could get up early in the morning. I had actually been thinking of getting up at 6AM on this day for some days now. The Surprising part is that I got up exactly at 6 without any alarm. Whenever I have something to do I do keep an alarm as most people do though there are some people who are gifted with a timer within but I was never that gifted. As I had mentioned that I slept at about 3 and so forgot to keep the alarm but God was kind enough to wake me up 🙂 Maybe he too didn’t want me to miss the action on this day….So what was going to happen on this day 16th of May…..It was the Counting Day for the General Elections 09.I don’t remember myself getting up on perhaps one of the most important days in my life that would shape my career ie results of competitive exams so why this special affinity towards Politics that is making me break every rule in my book. I have always been interested in Politics but this time it was different. There has always been an excitement surrounding the counting day of any election but this time it was going to be a close contest to the road to Power….

Hayden, Murali come good for Chennai Super Kings

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It is not often that a world class spinner who has the world record for the most number of wickets is left out of the team. Chennai Super kings didn’t make that blunder again and it paid immediate dividends and Murali picked up the man of the match award. It was one way traffic from ball one…Hayden showed that he has not lost one bit of his batting prowess despite retiring from international cricket. It was a blazing knock from him which set the Bangalore Royal challengers on the back foot and they couldn’t recover from it though they pulled it back a little bit.

CHARGERS off to a Winning start in IPL season 2

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The day 2 of IPL turned out to be an exciting one for me as Deccan chargers stunned everyone with their performance, not me though as i always had faith in them..It was just that they didn’t gell well last year and were not sure of themselves but it looks like they have come out strong from last year when they finished last in the standings. If it was Bangalore royal challengers last night it was Deccan Chargers tonight. They looked liked a completely different outfit when they came out to field against Kolkata knight riders. A New Jersey, coach and support staff and the attitude of the players, the most important thing has worked wonders for the team. By the way the new outfit was matching the dark blue clouds. I love the outfit :)It was as if the Rain Gods too were happy not to interrupt the proceedings by not having more showers like what happened earlier in the day.

South Africa to Host IPL season 2

A few days back Lalit Modi shocked the nation when he announced that IPL will be hosted outside India. England and South Africa were being looked into as possible venues and news just in is that South Africa will be hosting the IPL which i guess will be the biggest sporting tournament there after the last years T20 world cup..

Indian Premiere league stumped by Indian Political League..Goes International

After nearly a month long speculation about IPL as to whether it would be held in India or outside India and if in India then are all the states going to cooperate. Finally the speculations were put to rest on Sunday the 22nd of March just 20 days before the tournament gets underway.

It was ‘painful’ to shift the IPL from India but with their ‘hands tied’ they had no option except for relocating the tournament, said Lalit Modi, commissioner and chairman of the tournament. I don’t know if he really feels that way but that is what he told the press. As the news of IPL going abroad spread there was lot of angry reactions from length and breadth of the country and also from the Indian players having a well deserved rest in NZ after their victory.