Wake UP Sid : Must Watch

Wake up sidWake Up Sid is a simple story yet a realistic one that strikes a chord instantly. Every one of us can relate to Sid, the main protagonist of the movie. Recall those years when staying awake at nights, chatting away with friends became a habit. Recall those college days when bunking college and sneaking into movie halls was more exciting than attending the boring lectures. And on the D day (Graduation) you are completely clueless of what you want do in the future. Everyone goes through this indecisive phase and so does Sid. The only difference is that Sid gets his life back on track in 2 hours whereas that is not the case in our lives 😀 ..But by the end of the movie hope you atleast identify the part of sid which you can relate to and do something about it and if you dont relate to Sid then its all the more better..You are PERFECT 😀 Just enjoy the movie 🙂