Austerity or Tokenism ???

2009091699991001Penny wise Pound foolish is what I would call the current Austerity drive from UPA. Rich man plays poor man is what they are trying to project but it seems that idea has backfired. It all started on 9th September when Pranab Mukherjee requested External Affairs minister SM Krishna and his deputy Shashi Tharoor to give up their 5 star suites and shift to government guest houses. Right from that day Congress government has been in news not for its policies or governance but for this ostentatious austerity drive which has gone over the top.

JUMBO sized Cabinet .. Thumbs down to Dr Singh :(

Is Bigger really Better???? Definitely not if you take the Ministers list of the Union Government of India. It has been 2 weeks since the people of India gave a decisive mandate in favour of Congress and UPA and the Government has been very indecisive in finalizing the portfolios. 19 Cabinet Ministers and Manmohan Singh were sworn in on Friday. The second and the final set of ministers were supposed to be sworn in on Tuesday (25th May) but it had to put off due to last-minute wrangling over berths and ministries..