Social Media Revolution !!!

Everyone is aware of the term Economics but how many of you have come across Socialnomics ??..Not many but i can assure you that most of you are using it without actually knowing what it actually is. Is all the hype surrounding social media justified or is it just a fad.Is it the next revolution? The video shows it’s not a fad and here are some hardcore statistics that show that it’s actually the biggest thing since the industrial revolution.

So what’s your opinion?? Is Social Media the next Industrial revolution??

ZooZoo the new brand ambassador of Vodafone

In one of my earlier posts i had written about Airtel ads and how creative they are when they come up with their commercial ads. But as a Vodafone customer I think Vodafone is the best when it comes to advertising. Airtel has relied on star power always but Vodafone has always used the dog, much cheaper option and much more appealing too compared to the starry ads.

Plants using Twitter.Its crazy crazy world !!!!!

I got a mail few months back from a friend asking me to join Twitter. I didn’t know what it was at that time but joined it. Now I know why it is so popular with my friends and also with the people around the Globe. Twitter is another way to expose your self to the world via the web, just like myspace, facebook and many other sites, so if you want to get your name out and expose your uniqueness, then go for it.