Paa kasam ‘PAA’ Rocks !!!!

M_Id_124301_paaOne of the most eagerly awaited movies of recent times ‘PAA’ has generated huge interest amongst filmgoers for many reasons – first being the role reversal between Junior AB and BIG B, second being Amitabh Bachchan’s look in the movie and finally the rare and emotional subject around which the film revolves. I am glad that I watched it first day first show: D

A picture is Worth a Thousand words

Dont forget to see the video after reading the post 😀

They say “A picture is equivalent to thousand words”. Whenever I see an Airtel ad I get reminded of this Chinese proverb. Every time they come up with an add there is something new to it. Kudos to the creative team .The airtel ad is an amazing journey into the entire gamut of human emotions. It is a compendium of Human expressions at its simplest best 🙂