Vista is History… Windows 7 is launched


Software giant Microsoft will formally launch its much touted OS Windows 7 in 34 languages on October 22nd globally. This time it’s not going to be a global extravaganza but instead Microsoft has adopted a very different style of marketing the new OS as it attempts to reach out more personally to its customers and how are they going to do that?? Many smaller events have been planned not by Microsoft but by Windows users who will be hosting their Windows 7 host parties to spread the good word on the new OS.

Mad Rush for Windows 7 RC brings Microsoft Servers down

Just a week back Microsoft announced that their sales dropped by 6 % and the net revenue was down by 32% and this was the first time in 23 years that such a thing has happened . They attributed it to the drop in new computers being sold around the world. And 1 week later ie on April 30th they were slated to release the Windows 7 Release Candidate available to the testers who had MSDN ,Techbeta and Technet subscriptions but it didn’t happen as was the case with the Beta version in january and the reason , very simple : DEMAND Exceeded Microsoft’s INFRASTRUCTURE.

No Windows 7 upgrade for XP users !!!!!

I was a bit shocked upon seeing this news that Microsoft won’t provide an upgrade to Windows 7 for XP users. This has come as a shock to me and many others who were thinking that they could start using Windows 7 when it releases although the beta version is out. I have been using Windows XP since it came into the market 8 years back and I was pretty much happy with the OS.